Epson GT 1500 Driver Download For Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Printer scanner Epson workforce GT-1500 represents a new direction for the Epson. As the name suggests, this Office scanner-centric than the photocentric, and it aims for a small office than the one of ordinary Epson's target market: home users, photographers, and graphic artist. Don't think that Epson is fumbling around in unknown territory, however. GT-1500 is a well designed package that is potentially of interest to anyone who needs a desktop document scanner for small office or home.

Epson GT 1500 Driver Download For Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Epson GT 1500

Most document scanner tight sheet-fed, just as most of the document consists of a stack of individual sheets of paper. GT-1500, however, includes a 40-page automatic document feeder (ADF) and letter size flatbed. Flatbed can be useful if you need to scan books or magazines or other page which will not go through the sheet-feeder.

Setting up the scanner is very easy. Measuring 4.8 compact 18.5 by 12.5 inches (HWD), impressive for a small scanner ADF and flatbed, and weighs only £8.6. Such as some document scanners with they brought flatbeds — especially, closely competitive Canon DR-1210C — it's designed to sit in a landscape orientation as you face it, with the front panel on one side of the long and close the opening towards the back.

To set GT-1500, just run the installation routine automatically from the disc, plug in the power cord and the USB cable, and let Windows recognize the scanner. I installed on Windows XP systems, but according to Epson, also comes with drivers for Windows 2000, Vista and Mac OS x 10.3 through 10.5 x for Windows, a trio of Twain, WIA and ISIS drivers, ensure that you can scan directly from almost any Windows program with the command scan.

Software for Windows including optical character recognition (OCR) (Abbyy FineReader 6.0 Sprint Plus), program management set of documents (ScanSoft PaperPort 11 version) and Epson scan utility itself. For Mac, this disk also includes Twain driver and OCR software, but there is no document management programs.

You can start a scan from the program, from Epson scan utility, or from one of the four scan buttons on the front panel. Copy button brings up a copy utility on your PC; scan to PDF button option image PDF or PDF format that can be searched; e-mail button and create a new message using Your e-mail program, PC add a scan of the document as an attachment. There is also a button that brings up a generic scan Epson scan utility, so that you can scan to a file. Available formats including Bmp, JPEG, TIFF, TIFF, multi-media and PDF.

GT-1500 scanner uses optical scan resolution 1200 pixels per inch (ppi) for scanning from the flatbed, but the software limits the scanner to 600 ppi for scanning from the ADF. It's a bit unusual, but typical 600 ppi for documents and scanner resolution is more than enough to scan the document. This is even more than enough for scanning photos, unless you plan to enlarge them significantly.

I should also mention that although you can use a flatbed GT-1500 scanner for photos, do not come with a photo editor. So, by definition, plus hardware software packages as sold by Epson is not really intended for scanning photos. That said, there's nothing stopping You from buying a photo editing program separately.

It is also worth noting that Twain driver included professional mode with settings for features such as color balance, which is really more appropriate for scanning a photo rather than a document. Because the scanner does not come with its own photo editing software, and the software itself will affect the suitability for scanning photos, I didn't test or assess the GT-1500 for a photo. I scanned two images to disk, however, and open them in Photoshop, only to get a sense of the quality of the scan. In both cases, the color was a bit washed out.

For scanning documents, GT-1500 is rated at 20 pages per minute (ppm) at 200 ppi in black-and-white mode. On tests, scanning text documents using our standard page 25 scanner default settings of 300 ppi, I clocked it just 9.4 ppm scanning to PDF image files. In comparison, the Canon DR-1210C scan of the same document ppm 11.4 slightly faster, which is still slow by the standards document scanner.

Epson GT 1500 Driver Download For Windows, Mac OS and Linux:


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