Epson WF-5190 Driver Download

When it comes to cost per page, the WF-5190 is very economical. A high-capacity black ink-cartridge by having an average yield of 2, 600 pages (assuming a typical of 5 percent coverage per page) cost $64. 99 from Epson. Perhaps one of the color ink cartridges is slightly higher at $73. 99. However, in either case, that works out to become lower than a few pennies per page.

Epson WF-5190 Driver Download
Epson WF-5190

The WF-5190 should save profit other areas also. Because there isn't any fuser unit like with laser printers, there isn't any need for an enormous heat or power surge inside the printer before it starts rendering pages. When printing at full speed, we recorded a typical draw of between 20 and 25 watts of power, and fewer when compared to a single watt when in sleep mode.

Finally, the unit is rather rugged when compared with others in its class, having a maximum monthly duty cycle of 45, 000 pages, about 15, 000 above the typical. The ink applied to paper is likewise made for longevity, having a 118 year shelf life before it begins to fade.

The WF-5190 is very a performer for the value. With a chance to run circles around most laser printers when it comes to speed, and top quality output for both color and monochrome printing, it might just function as the phoenix that pulls inkjets back straight into the mainstream for small businesses and residential users.

Moving to examining color output, again the WF-5190 was in a position to shine. Colors were accurate upon the page, with shades of reds, blues and yellows rendered perfectly. Color stepping along a 256-step grid showed no blending, with defined lines separating all the various shades over the color spectrum. Beyond that, the WF-5190 was in a position to accurately reproduce very fine lines, even when they had been printed with lighter colors against a dark background. Text overlapping letters wer also rendered correctly, with no telltale white spots that sometimes mark registration errors on some units.

As one last note on color, the WF-5190 maintains perhaps one of the positive features from the inkjets of yesteryear : a chance to print amazing photographs. Even on standard office paper, photos came out frame-worthy every time. When used with special or glossy paper, Epson provided an enormous level of sample types to test with, you'll be hard pressed to inform the difference between a very good photograph professionally developed you printed on the WF-5190. While that may not be a primary feature being searched for by most businesses, having the extra capcapacity to print high-quality photos is really a nice extra feature for no additional cost.

Epson WF-5190 Driver Download :


  • Epson WF-5190 Driver installer for windows 64-bit : Download
  • Epson WF-5190 Driver installer for windows 32-bit : Download 

Mac OS

  • Epson WF-5190DW Mac Printer PostScript 3 : Download


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